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Roads Maintenance

Roads Maintenance
The Highway Department oversees the maintenance of the roadways (32.1 miles in the township and 51.86 miles in the village), including snowplowing, for the Village and Town of Bloomfield.  The primary funding for the department is through Division of Transportation Highway Aids that is allocated to cold patching and regular road maintenance, as well as capital projects.  

Town and Village Street Maps

The Highway Supervisor can be reached by dialing (262) 279-5783.  The department is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM. 



November 15 through April 15


Under Village/Town of Bloomfield Ordinance 7.05 (3) no person shall park a motor vehicle (except an emergency vehicle) on or within 5 feet of any roadway, street, highway or public way in the Village/Town of Bloomfield after a 2" snowfall OR accumulation of 2" within 24 hours, in such a manner as to prevent snow plows from removing the snow.




First violation:           Written warning.


Second violation:      Vehicle will be towed and you could be cited with a fine not to exceed $641.00.


Please allow room for the Highway Department to clear the streets.  Your cooperation will help us make the roads in Bloomfield safe for all the motoring public.   


2021 Upcoming Walworth County Roads Projects