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Planning & Zoning

The Zoning Administrator oversees planning and zoning applications and petitions, which are applicable to the Zoning Ordinance.  Each parcel has a zoning classification which dictates the permitted and non permitted uses, setbacks, animals allowance, and minimum lot size, etc.  Zoning variances may be considered under certain circumstances.  Lot line adjustments and sign permits are also handled by the Zoning Administrator.

The Zoning Administrator is now available by calling (262) 279-6039 Opt 3 during the following business hours:  Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

To find your zoning, please view the zoning maps:

Zoning Districts:
A-1 Farmland Preservation District
A-2 Agricultural Land District
A-3 Agricultural Land Holding District
A-4 Agricultural-Related Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Marketing District
A-5 Agricultural-Rural Residential District
C-1 Lowland Resource Conservation District
C-2 Upland Resource Conservation District
C-3 Conservancy-Residential District
C-4 Wetland Resource Conservation District
P-1 Recreational Park District
P-2 Institutional Park District
R-1 Single-Family Residence District (Unsewered)
R-2 Single-Family Residence District (Sewered)
R-3 Two-Family Residence District (Sewered or Unsewered)
R-4 Multiple-Family Residence District (Sewered or Unsewered)
R-6 Planned Manufactured Home Residence District
B-1 Local Business District
B-2 General Business District
B-3 Waterfront Business District
B-4 Highway Business District
B-5 Planned Commercial-Recreation Business District
M-1 Industrial District
M-2 Heavy Industrial District
M-3 Mineral Extraction District
M-4 Sanitary Landfill District
PUD-Planned Unit Development District

ZONING PERMITS:                                                    

Rezone Checklist - Town Only
Application to Planning & Zoning Commission
     Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
     Lot Line Adjustment

Certified Survey Map Engineering Checklist