Bloomfield, Wisconsin
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Parks, Lakes & Environmental

The Village of Bloomfield has attracted many visitors over the years to enjoy the parks and lakes.  Pell Lake beach is a place for residents and tourists to enjoy lakefront activities.    Swans and their young were spotted on Pell Lake, as pictured above.  Other area lakes Lake Benedict, Powers Lake, Lake Ivanhoe, and Tombeau Lake. 

McKay Park located on Lake Geneva Highway is scheduled for improvements contingent upon grant funding along with use of restricted park impact fee dollars.  The Village will continue to strengthen its resources for future grant applications.

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
Found Injured Wildlife?   Contact Fellow Mortals in Lake Geneva at 262-248-5055.

Aquatic Plant Management Plan               
Turtle Crossing
Please use caution when traveling on North Lakeshore Drive as many turtles have been killed or injured by automobiles.  Other areas of concern are Lake Drive and South Lakeshore Drive.

The Village has acquired signs from the DNR to make people aware of the crossing areas (pictured right).  Turtle Crossing stencils will be visible on the roadways near areas that frequently have turtles crossing to get to the lake.  Please help us protect the turtles in our area, some of which are listed as threatened species. 

Who makes the rules where I plan to burn

It is your responsibility to know where you are burning and what restrictions apply. DNR annual burning permits are only valid within DNR Protection Areas and outside incorporated cities and villages. Remember, you must also comply with local ordinances that may be more restrictive than state law. Contact your local fire department, town chairperson, or local municipal official if you have any questions.


OPEN BURNING for small yard waste is allowed year round per Town and Village Ordinances, Section 9.11 of the Municipal Code.

Fire Protection Areas