Bloomfield, Wisconsin
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Building Inspector
Before doing any type of construction, remodeling, replacement or alteration work contact the Building Inspector at and verify if a permit is needed. The Building Inspector is responsible for the compliance of all required federal, state, and county codes, ordinances and other requirements. 

Joe Mesler (262) 215-3711
Hours - Wednesday 10:00am TO 11:30am

Planning & Zoning
The Planning and Zoning Department administers the Village/Town's Zoning Ordinance. Applications and requests to be placed on the Planning & Zoning Commission agenda must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator. 


Building Inspector Checklist

Acknowledgement of Possible Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Record Form
Certified Survey Map Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Lot Line Adjustment Application
Rezone Application
Storm Water Mgmt Evaluation
Variance Application