Bloomfield, Wisconsin
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The Tax Assessor for Bloomfield is Gerad Gage of Associated Appraisal.  Property values are set on January 1st of each year.  If you have questions about your assessment, please contact him directly at (800) 721-4157. 

Personal Property Disclosure due annually to Assessor!

For the 2017 tax year, the Assessor has been authorized by both the Town and Village Boards opted for a full revaluation of all properties.  Associated Appraisal representatives will be out looking at homes throughout the municipality this spring and summer.  Please ask to see ID before letting anyone in your home.  If you have questions, you can contact Associated Appraisals directly to verify an employee.  In the end, the goal is to have a fair revaluation of all of the parcels and improvements in the municipalities.

Important Dates to Remember
Open Book for 2017 will most likely be delayed pending the revaluation notices to property owners.  Board of Review appointments will be scheduled in the Treasurer's office after Open Book.

2017 Legal Notices - First Meeting of B.O.R. is May 22, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.
Town of Bloomfield - Adjourn BOR Date to be Determined
Village of Bloomfield - Adjourn BOR Date to be Determined

This year's Board of Review will be held on   T.B.D. 2017, as follows:
TOWN properties:     10:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
VILLAGE properties:  1 PM - 3 PM