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Bloomfield, Wisconsin


At their respective December 11th meetings, the Village and Town Board will be considering the attached Resolution opposing the DOT's potential plans to eliminate the Clover Road bridge over US 12.  Exhibit A will be available by the end of the business day Friday.  Additionally, the Walworth County Public Works Committee has this topic on their upcoming meeting.

The Public Information Meeting by DOT is planned for Dec. 14 from 4-6 PM here at Bloomfield Town Hall as per the UPDATED notice.  We would like to gather information and have it in place as soon as possible.

We are also encouraging the circulation of a petition throughout Bloomfield which is being provided as a courtesy. 

If you circulate the petition, keep in mind the following: 
1)  Do not sign in pencil
2)  No PO Boxes; use street address
3)  One name per line
4)  Spouse cannot sign for partner
5)  Circulator must sign and date after the petition page is complete.  The date must be the same or later date than the most recent signature.
6)  Do not insert a page number.  The municipality will do that when we collect them and compile them for presentation. 
7)  Return the completed pages to the Clerk's Office at Bloomfield Town Hall

If you have any questions, please call the clerk's office at 262 279 6039 press 1.