Bloomfield, Wisconsin
Building our future together.

Staff Directory

Village of Bloomfield
Village Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Office: 262-279-6039 Opt #1

Town of Bloomfield
Town Clerk/Treasure Office: 262-279-6039 Opt #5
Frank Wolff, Clerk/Treasurer

Court Clerk Office: 262-279-3556
Michael Brittain, Judge
Linda Kimble, Court Clerk

Police Department: 262-279-3454
Steve Cole, Police Chief
Wilbert Kennedy, Police Sgt
Lori Domino, Investigator

Police Officers:
Alexander Heddle
Paul Matouski
Craig Rasmussen
Jeremy Ruby
James Seeberg
Fire Department:
Fred Schalow, Fire Chief
Building & Zoning:
262-279-6039 Opt #3
Jill Marcanti, Zoning

Joe Mesler, 
Building Inspector
Highway Department: 262-279-5783
Fred Klabunde, Highway Supervisor
Shane Bishop
Larry Lininger
Bloomfield Utility Department:  262-279-6039 Opt #2
Domenic Alexandroni, Utility Director
Steve Braatz, WWTP Lab
Constance Colon, Utility Office
Candace Kinsch, Utility Office
Glen Schoen, Water Operator
Michael Georgalas, WWTP Operator