Bloomfield, Wisconsin
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Bloomfield, Wisconsin

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Bloomfield, Wisconsin is home to 6,264 residents, has 84 miles of roads, and covers a 33.4 square mile area of land and water in Walworth County. 

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ELECTION DAY, 11/04/2014

Voter Registration Form - For the uncoming November General Election, all new voters must register in person in the Clerk's office and show *proof of residency with their application. 

Absentee Ballot Application - Voter ID is not needed for the 11/04/2014 Election as previously noted. 

For more information about voting changes*, please visit

Bloomfield In-person Absentee Voting Hours
October 20 - 31, 2014
M - F, 9AM - Noon
By appointment:  M-F, 8AM - 5PM

Now accepting mail-in applications; ballots will be mailed out to approved voters with an approved absentee ballot application for the upcoming November 4, 2014 General Election.


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Who makes the rules where I plan to burn

It is your responsibility to know where you are burning and what restrictions apply. DNR annual burning permits are only valid within DNR Protection Areas and outside incorporated cities and villages. Remember, you must also comply with local ordinances that may be more restrictive than state law. Contact your local fire department, town chairperson, or local municipal official if you have any questions.

Fire Protection Areas


9.11 Burning Regulated

1. Definition: Combustible Material' used in this section means any substance that is capable of burning.

2. Burning Prohibited: No person shall cause any combustible material, nauseous or offensive material, garbage, or petroleum based material to be ignited or knowingly allow to bum, except as otherwise herein provided.

3. Exceptions: The following shall be excepted from Subs. (2) of this section:

a.       Burning in any incinerator or other device used for the burning of combustible materials, which shall be so maintained and operated that combustible materials placed therein cannot escape there from during the process of burning.

b.        Burning in a furnace, fireplace, stove or other similar device located within a dwelling, house, or structure.

c.     Outdoor cooking, when done in a suitable receptacle so as not to expose persons or property to danger of fire.

d.       The burning of small amounts of dry combustible and non­offensive yard debris, shall be excepted all year provided however, this subsection shall not be interpreted to allow the burning of garbage, noxious materials, or offensive materials, or petroleum based materials at any time. It is further provided that the aforestated allowable burning shall be subject to the following limitations:

I.               There shall be on-site supervision of any burning by a person eighteen years of age or older.

                        II.        No burning shall take place nearer than 25 feet from any

building, structure, or edifice.

                        III.       No burning shall take place nearer than 50 feet from any

lake or stream.

                        IV.        No burning shall take place in any highway, as defined in Section  
                                     340.01 (22), Wis. Stats.

e.       Any fire deemed to be a conflagration by the Fire Chief or is designee.

4. Emergency Conditions:       The exceptions set forth III (3) above may be

suspended by the Town Board at any time.